Join the Team

We're constantly looking for new, motivated members to join the USST. If you're entrepreneurial minded and are looking for real world experience in a job-like atmosphere on a ground breaking project, this could be for you!

This is a great opportunity to learn things that won't be taught in university but that future employers will expect from you. We're interested in running our projects as efficiently as possible, so each individual member will be given a lot of responsibility and will always be doing relevant work. As a result, we expect that applicants will be dedicated to the team and will have both flexible schedules and excellent time management skills.

The USST functions in a constant learning environment; even if you aren't necessarily familiar with everything initially, our members will consistently be offering you opportunities to learn.

For more information to join the team, please contact us! Please go to these pages for more information on joining the team, or what you can do on the team.