Danno Peters President of the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team

Danno Peters is pursing a dual degree in Engineering Physics and Computer Science. He is a long time member of the team having worked on the team's camera systems, deployment systems for high altitude and rocketry parachutes, production of the composite rover chassis and suspension, and design and production fo the carbon fibre/kevlar/polyurethane composite wheels. Outside of USST, Danno is a commercial UAV operator and pilot. He works for a local Geoinformatics firm and is training in commercial aviation at Mitchinson Flight Centre concurrently with his studies at the University of Saskatchewan.

Danno's vision for the team is to further develop relationships with like-minded clubs around the world. He would also like to expand the team's rocket and high altitude balloon programs.

Vice President

Aaron Peters Vice President of the University of Saskatchewan Space Design TeamAaron Peters is in his fourth year of five in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked on the mechanical side of the rover project for three years, focusing on the end effector, wheel treads & arm. While Aaron is no stranger to design, his true passion lies in the fabrication of parts & putting everything together.

During the summer Aaron has interned at a Regina consulting firm & on a construction site North of Saskatoon. When he finds time, Aaron enjoys exploring the outdoors through hiking, canoeing & skiing, as well as staying indoors to read, write & cook.

Aaron now makes the transition to management in the role of Vice-President for the 2018-2019 school year. He intends to keep the team organized & focused as it expands to include two projects & remind everyone to have fun with a variety of team social events. Aaron hopes to see the team grow in both experience & membership, critical steps in order to achieve its goals.

Mars Rover Project Lead

Daniel Franko Mars Rover Lead of the university of Saskatchewan Space Design TeamDaniel Franko is currently a 3rd year mechanical engineering student on internship at Doepker Industries. This is his second year on the team and the past year has been an amazing educational experience. He attributes attaining his internship to "the practical knowledge gained through all the design and teamwork the USST has to offer." This year he will be implementing more weight savings with Carbon Fiber, a new drill and science module, an improved robotic manipulator, and molded Kevlar enclosures for the electronics. If you have any interest in gaining real-world experience in mechanical design using SolidWorks, composites, or 3-D printing please stop by the USST room or email him at rover@usst.ca.


Tom Wang Treasurer of the university of Saskatchewan Space Design TeamTom Wang is a 3rd year mechanical engineering student. He participates in the team’s annual budgeting, recording & monitoring finances, financial planning, and logistics. He is also a member in the mechanical team. When not at school, Tom enjoys playing sports such as soccer, snowboarding and canoeing. Tom has been with USST since 2017.

Satellite Project Leads

Connor Schentag 

Connor Schentag is a Project Lead of the USSTs Satelite for the Canadian CubeSat Project

(Credit: Chris Elash)

Simone Hagey

Simone Hagey is a Project Lead of the USSTs Satelite for the Canadian CubeSat Project

(Credit: Chris Elash)

Liam Gray

Liam Grey is a Project Lead of the USSTs Satelite for the Canadian CubeSat Project

(Credit: Chris Elash)

Secretary and Media

Chris Elash is the Secretary and Multi Media Editor for the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team

(Credit: Danno Peters)

Christopher Elash is currently in his third year electrical engineering and is also pursuing a dual-degree in computer science. For the past year Christopher has worked on various electrical projects for the team’s Mars rover. In the future he looks to work on the electrical systems for the team’s upcoming CubeSat project. When not at campus, Christopher can often be found either taking photos, playing music, working on theatrical projects, or enjoying all the Ukrainian events the city has to offer.

Shop Lead

Zach Read is the Shop Saftey Officer for the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team

(Credit: Chris Elash)

Zachary Read is a second year Mechanical Engineering student, and has been a member of the USST since the start of 2018. With over a year of experience working in a professional welding and machining shop before coming to university, Zachary has experience that makes him uniquely fit for his role. Born here in Saskatoon, he enjoys reading, longboarding, and spending time with friends.