Starting in Summer 2018, we will be designing, building, and operating a small research satellite called a CubeSat. This satellite is built around a modular design, with each unit consisting of a 10x10x10 cm cube. In total, the satellite will be made up of 2 units, weighing less than 5 kilograms.

USST has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the Canadian Space Agency for this project, as part of the Canadian CubeSat Project. Working alongside the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, we will spend 3 years preparing the satellite for launch, which will occur from the International Space Station in 2021. The subsequent year-long mission will study the effects of the space environment on a variety of different materials, such as plastics, ceramics, fabrics, and more.

Read more about the Canadian CubeSat Project here.

Mockup of the USST/Sask Polytech Satelite (Image Credit: Chris Elash)