Coding Workshop 2016

Electrical Team Lead, Carl Hofmeister, lead a great coding workshop for our new members this weekend. The new members are learning how to program data loggers for their rockets.


Enjoying the fall colours with the 2015 European Rover Challenge champion!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the UofS Space Design Team!

We are greatful for all the the community and industry support we have and continue to receive!

Enjoying the fall colours with the 2015 European Rover Challenge champion!

Enjoying the fall colours with the 2015 European Rover Challenge champion!

URC 2015 Critical Design Review Video

As a part of URC 2015, there will be a limit on the number of teams that can participate due to logistical challenges faced in last year’s competition. The final milestone before the competition the team must pass before competition is to complete the critical design review. One aspect of this is a video that demonstrates the progress of the team on its design and construction. Check out our video submission!

2015 Rover Design – In wheel motors

Kicking off the video series with multiple videos! This video discusses the in wheel motors designed this year. For those that were not following the team last year, we had an unfortunate mishap in the terrain traversing challenge at the URC in which one motor was no longer rigidly attached to the frame, and another entirely separated from the gearbox and wheel it was driving. While the team was able to rapidly fix the rover in order to complete some more of the challenge. This years design features in wheel motors, and new rocker-bogie arms that minimize the exposure to the elements, rocks, and other anything it could potentially impact. But for more details, check out this video!

HAB Launch August 2, 2014

On 2 August, 2014 the team embarked on our first High Altitude Balloon Launch of the year. As last time we worked on collaboration with the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club. On this launch we fixed the issues with our cameras from the launch last September, and ran a completely rebuilt payload, with nothing the same as last time. The launch demonstrated our communications systems that was run for the first time.

It was also one of the most eventful launches as the payload landed in water. Members worked to retrieve the payload from the water. All the data was still retrieved. When all is said and done, it was a very successful launch.

In case you are interested, footage from the camera on board has been compiled. You will notice how cloudy it was that day, and how much smoke still lingered in the air from the forest fires up north.

USST Places 7th in 2014 University Rover Challenge

This year the team was able to place seventh at the 2014 University Rover Challenge. It was a challenging event that tested the team’s resolve and ability to make changes and repairs on the fly. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters that helped get to the competition. We are looking forward to, and ready for action next year!

Stay posted for updates over the summer as the team works toward next years competition and gears up for the high altitude balloon launches over the summer months.