Welcome Week and Pancake Breakfast

Welcome week started off with the Club Expo in the Usask Bowl and ended with a wonderful pancake breakfast before our new member orientation and first design meeting of the semester in the Engineering Hardy Lab.

Presenting our Mars Rover and CubeSat at Welcome Week

Carbon Fribre robotic arm making pancakes

Our Robotic Arm during the USST’s welcome back pancake breakfast

The Usask Space Design Team at the 2018 Canadian International Rover Challenge in Drumheller Alberta

2018 Canadian International Rover Challenge – CIRC

Header Image - Our team at CIRC Protocase Central (Credit: Angela Howell)

Our team had a great showing at the second annual Canadian International Rover Challenge.

Our team only had 55 days between returning from the University Rover Challenge in Utah and leaving for CIRC in Drumheller. In this time we had to modify our rover to operate in the two new tasks at CIRC, the resource extraction and night search and rescue tasks.

University of Saskatchewan Mars Rover finds a Kitten durring a Night Search and Rescue mission in Rosedale, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Finding Intelligent (and cute) life on "Mars" during the Search and Rescue Task (Credit: Danno Peters)

Mars Rover with Front End Loader Attachment installed in Drumheller Alberta

Our 2018 Mars Rover after the CIRC Resource Extraction Task (Credit: Danno Peters)

Our team built a linear actuator driven front end loader attachment for our rover. Our loader had integrated load cells, allowing us to weigh our payload to approximately +/- 5 grams.

Our search and rescue modifications included a custom student built 360-degree infrared camera; high power LED lights, a yagi antenna to track an emergency radio beacon, and a holster to carry oxygen tanks, space suit repair kits, a light beacons.

Our rover came in second in the Search and Rescue task and fifth overall in the Canadian International Rover Challenge. We had a wonderful lime competing and getting to know the other rover teams from across the globe.

University Rover Challenge 2018

Our team has just returned from competition in Utah, placing 18th out of 98 teams.

The extensive use of carbon fibre on our rover has lead to a larger and lighter rover with an extremely low centre of gravity. This lead to an outstanding rock and sand dune climbing ability and made the rover an incredible machine to drive through the desert.

The Mars Desert Research Station Habitat, (Image Credit: Danno Peters)

The 2,100 kilometer trip from Saskatoon to Hanksville, Utah was a challenge all on its own, featuring multiple areas of road construction, detours, a blown transmission seal, and a tire change.

A huge thanks goes out to the Montana Highway Patrol for their assistance when we were broken down in a dead zone on the side of the I-15.

Our design teams have received both validation and found improvements for their designs as we prepare for the Canadian International Rover Competition in August.


Announcing the USST CubeSat Project

We are proud to announce our involvement in the upcoming 4-year Canadian CubeSat Project. We have partnered with the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic to build a 10x10x20 cm satellite, which will be launched from the International Space Station in 2021. The satellite will include a science payload designed to study the effects of a space environment on a variety of materials, such as plastics, ceramics, fabrics, and more.

Read more about our project here.

Read more about the Canadian CubeSat Project here.

Image of cycloid gearbox prototype

Cycloidal Gearboxes

Space Team VP of Engineering, Seamus Woodward-George, assembled the last of his Cycloidal Drive gearboxes this week.

The gearboxes took months of design work and multiple 3D printed and laser cut acrylic prototypes (shown in the video below) to perfect.

The production gearboxes were machined out of solid aluminum by the UofS Engineering Shops and perform excellently with our brushless motors.

(Image and Video Credit: Danno Peters)

Rocket Launch 2016

20161029_153146-dsc_7464_00001Our rocketry project ended with much excitement, as the groups tested their custom designed rockets on the launch pad.

RLee (from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering) demonstrated his large and multistage model rockets which were a joy to watch.

Thank you to the Create Cafe 3D Printing, Express Hobbies, and the Hub City Radio Control Club for making our rocketry project possible.

Image Credits: Danno Peters and Kevin Bates20161029_153825-dsc_7487_0001020161029_154041-dsc_7497_00011

3D Printed Rockets 2016

Rocket Assembly

The parts for our 3D printed rockets arrived from Create Cafe this week and our new members began assembling them today. They have learned a lot about the importance of dimensioning and the advantages of rapid prototyping.

Stay tuned for the launch next week! (weather dependent)

Image Credits: Danno Peters

Rocket Building 2016



Coding Workshop 2016

Electrical Team Lead, Carl Hofmeister, lead a great coding workshop for our new members this weekend. The new members are learning how to program data loggers for their rockets.

Image Credits: Danno Peters


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the UofS Space Design Team!

We are greatful for all the the community and industry support we have and continue to receive!

Enjoying the fall colours with the 2015 European Rover Challenge champion!

Enjoying the fall colours with the 2015 European Rover Challenge champion!