High Altitude Balloon – Splash Down

Today we embarked on our first High Altitude Balloon Launch of the year. We fixed the issues with our cameras from the launch last September, and ran a completely redesigned payload. The launch demonstrated our communications systems that was run for the first time.

It was also one of the most eventful launches as the payload landed in water. Members worked to retrieve the payload from the water. All the data was still retrieved. When all is said and done, it was a very successful launch.

In case you are interested, footage from the camera on board has been compiled. You will notice how cloudy it was that day, and how much smoke still lingered in the air from the forest fires up north.



USST Places 7th in 2014 University Rover Challenge

This year the team was able to place seventh at the 2014 University Rover Challenge. It was a challenging event that tested the team’s resolve and ability to make changes and repairs on the fly. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters that helped get to the competition. We are looking forward to, and ready for action next year!

Stay posted for updates over the summer as the team works toward next years competition and gears up for the high altitude balloon launches over the summer months.



University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team to Compete in Mars Rover Challenge



University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team to Compete in Mars Rover Challenge


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

23 January 2014


The University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team (USST) is officially registered in the University Rover Challenge (http://urc.marssociety.org/) hosted by the Mars Society at their Mars Research Station near Hanksville, Utah. The team members are designing and constructing a rover to participate in this competition, which takes place at the end of May. The USST will be competing against a pool of international competitors in a series of events to test the rover.

The rover is being designed to operate in rough and challenging terrain, perform sample collection and analysis, and complete equipment maintenance and transfer.

The USST is a student group composed of members from the College of Engineering, Edwards School of Business, Computer Science, and Biology. The group is dedicated to developing new space technology by working on projects, and participating in competitions related to the space industry. The USST has proven to achieve excellence through its designs since its formation in 2005.

For more information please visit our website, usst.ca.  To arrange for interviews please contact:

Justin Gerein





University Rover Challenge

The USST is now participating in the University Rover Challenge hosted by the Mars Society! We were unable to participate in the NASA Lunabotics competition due to a rule changing preventing us from entering. The University Rover Challenge allowed us keep some of the work, and what we learned from the time we spent on the Lunar Excavator. The goal of the new project is to design a multipurpose rover. For more information see our project page.

First High Altitude Balloon Launch was a Success!

The USST recently started a secondary project, to launch high altitude balloons carrying cameras and various experiments. For this project we are working with members of the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club. This was their twentieth successful flight! As this was our first launch our payload contained some cameras and a sensor package measuring temperature, pressure and our GPS location. We are looking forward to continuing the development of our payload and hope to bring this project to the schools we visit!


General information session!

Hello everyone!

On Thursday September 12 at 6:00 in room 1B71 in the U of S Engineering building we will be holding an information session for anyone interested in joining the team. We are always welcoming new members no matter your discipline or college. Members currently come from Engineering, Computer Science and Edwards School of Business.

We will be answering questions, talking about the project and how you can get involved over the coming year.

Beside working on an awesome project some other benefits of USST include multidisciplinary design experience and opportunities for management experience!

If you cannot make it out to the meeting contact any of the team leadership for more information!

We hope to see lots of new faces!


Progress is being made

Even though the school year has ended the team has been hard at work. The mechanical team is completing the detailed design of the digging and storage mechanisms along with the mobility system. The prototype should hopefully be up and running before the beginning of the school year. There has been great progress from the electrical team. A prototype has been constructed to begin testing out the software before the mechanical team is done constructing our own frame.

We installed a very large white board in our team for brainstorming or drawing sketches while brainstorming! Everyone on the team has been enjoying this and find it to be very useful. It has even served as a project screen while watching the 2013 NASA Lunabotics Competition.