CTV Saskatoon, CBC Radio, and 650 CKOM

We’ve just finished doing a few different interviews – check out our press page for more information.

Thank you to our friends at CTV Saskatoon, CBC Radio, and 650 CKOM for having us! We look forward to continued relations in the future.

USST Open House

A few days ago, we held an open house for engineers where we invited anyone who was interested in becoming involved with the USST to come out and get more information. This event was a huge success – thank you to everyone who came out!

Payload Chosen

We’ve been contemplating what our satellite’s payload should be for a while now, but, earlier this month, we were finally able to come to a decision. Due to the fact that we are still in the very early stages of the competition, however, we aren’t able to disclose a lot of information about this development. We hope to release more information about our payload in early 2012.

Star Phoenix Article

Just yesterday, we were very fortunate to have an article published about the USST in the Star Phoenix. Not only did we have an article in the newspaper, but we actually made the front page! From this article, we received nation-wide coverage at a variety of different newspapers across the country. We’re very grateful to our friends over at the Star Phoenix for publishing this article, and hope to be able to have many more similar experiences with them in the future!

(Click here for more information about the article and the additional coverage which followed.)